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555 meaning thai

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555 meaning thai

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Why is no laughing matter! Very early on in my days of staying in Thailand I would get SMS messages that ended in and, of course, I found it odd.

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Why is no laughing matter! The numeral 5 in China is pronounced as Wu Uu. The meaning of elsewhere The 5 is a powerful in many forms of divine meanig and is certainly no laughing matter else where in the world. What means in China?

Why is no laughing matter!

If you will write in the chat with Chinese people, they will see this as Wu-wu-wu. Why Thai people use in comments? So, Chinese people will be ask you — what wrong thaai why you cry, if you will use in WeChat. What Does Mean in Thailand?

I ghai it interesting how they could take an English expression, convert it to Thai, then make it their own by using the 5. It did get me thinking though what a different a combination can also equate too. So, when Thai people use in the text message they want to say, that something is fun. If you use in chat in China, it will be looking as you crying or whining.

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thirteen in Europe is considered unlucky and Thai people feel the same. It is a common and maybe the first question, when you start to chat with Thai people. So now you know.

No matter which language you use, when you want to write that something is funny you can use ha-ha-ha as you use LoL and etc. However, I think it is well understood at this point.

The meaning of using in thailand and in china

Different meaning of in China and in Thailand. The using of in the chat, comes from how the numeral 5 is pronounced in Chinese language. Using in Thailand is one and the main communication skill with Thai people read about others. An unlucky is seven, which is concerned with sorrow, but in Japan, seven is thzi lucky. What means in Thai conversation.

Yup, it is that simple. Pretty straightforward right?

meanng Thais are very superstitious over s Thai people are very superstitious and take their s seriously. Very early on in my days of staying in Thailand I would get SMS messages that ended in and, of course, I found it odd.

So, if you’ve ever been wondering what means in thailand, here it is:

It took me quite a while to figure out its meaning — actually I never figured it out on my own, someone had to tell me. eight is considered very good in every country in Asia. In Thai language five is pronounced as Kha Ha.

It is about being rich and very good at everything, but in some society, it is considered a quarrel and trouble. The funnier something is — the more will be used in the text. Like maybe they hit the key by accident. It is related to progress and long life, but it is considered trouble in Japan. So where did using in Thailand come from?

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The definition for is the of the Beast and a term from the Book of Revelation. For example, a lucky is nine.

The meaning of using in Thailand and in China Share this:. Thai people love when foreigners people take over their habits.

So in Thailand, at least, is fun yet one digit change to has altogether a different meaning. We were all confused farang after all.