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Best love song 2018

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Best love song 2018

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Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. We may earn a commission from these links. Aug 8, Getty Images From sexual freedom, to sacrifice, and self-confidence—a good love song can say a lot more than just a declaration of simple attraction.

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Its most arresting attribute?

Not just the sexual kind, though there's plenty of that in this story of a girl trying to ignore the obvious spark she has with Kiyoko. Drake parachutes into his sweet spot: broad encouragement for women working too hard to deal with men like him. Even the best relationships will eventually have their first fight.

And that's what Yo La Tengo offers in four simple verses. If you don't know who Ella Mai is, it's time to queue up her playlist on Spotify.

Kehlani, "Done for Me" This song puts a modern-day twist on Wham! Jason Aldean's single from his album Rearview Town is very romantic. He's been around for a few years now and is so incredibly talented, and "Who Hurt You?

Not only does the song reflect Therese and Carol's passion, but it's also a commentary on how queer love is depicted today. Can't forget about the country lovers out there. Surprisingly, most people don't seem to be talking about "Come See About Me"—a rare, intimate look lpve Nicki's soft side.

The invite was accepted: "No Tears" debuted at No. Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

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Rarely does such a surefire banger -- with strut-worthy lines about feeling like a supermodel on the dancefloor -- pack such emotional nuance too. We may earn a commission 218 these links. While Cabello isn't technically new, she's still carving out a path of her own as a solo artist. As the tide of their struggles recedes, it's all making love in the summertime.

It holds so much weight in the movie, but also IRL because we hear the full power of Lady Gaga's voice. We learned two things from Drake when he dropped his new album, Scorpion, on June 1 He's officially a daddy and 2 "Summer Games" is one of the best songs on his track album. Hit play and pretend you're in a romantic music video with the best new love songs has to offer, below. Then came "Trip," released in August, which hit 16 on the Billboard Hot before she debuted bewt track self-titled album.

Grande's year?

Required listening: the best love songs of

We may earn commission from the links on this. The bridge is the best part: Grande dreams up a scenario osng her crush misses their train, they'll have dinner and drinks together, stay up for hours talking and then, they'll inevitability decide to spend the night. The video is a treat because we watch them blossom from awkward open mic performers to the charismatic stars we know and love.

The song is a cover of the Oscar-winning tune that made its debut in the film Breakfast at Tiffany'sand it may or may not make you 20018 up on the spot from its goodness. Sivan started the year off right looking even more angelic with his platinum blonde 'do.

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Even while confessing her insecurities, she oozes confidence. Honestly, it was hard to choose between this and " Shallow ," so don't me. Editors handpick every gest that we feature.

Us, too. He dropped the electronic masterpiece that is Bloom, got nominated for a Golden Globeand shared plenty of pics looking cute with his boyfriend, photographer Jacob Bixenman. Why are all the songs I wanna cry about boys to produced by my ex-boyfriend CC jackantonoff.

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They personify the emotion as a beach on an ocean, symbolizing the ebb and flow of relationships and the washing of sins. Do not sleep on Daniel Caesar. Christine and the Queens feat.

Camila Cabella Bazzi on YouTube "Beautiful" is the beautiful product two up-and-coming stars teaming up to make magic. Yet here we are. Welcome back, Robyn. It's been four years since Hozier snatched our wigs with "Take Me to Church.