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Big dick confessions

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Big dick confessions

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Dec 16, Whisper On secret sharing website Whispermen are revealing their big penis confessions — and, frankly, some of them are really rather sad. Far from bragging, these guys are explaining the downfalls of being well-endowed, from the discomfort they feel to the struggle of having sex without hurting their partners.

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The good Christian boy.

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When he tried to put it in only the tip fit. I was so embarrassed because I thought it was my fault.

Barbie pushed him away from her tits to move closer. Val sat up, a tad disappointed. Now he had to back himself up.

Big-cock confessions

We exchanged s and ended up developing a long-distance relationship, and he sent me a dick pic that pretty much made me choke on my coffee. John gulped, unsure about the situation. I lost my virginity to a guy with a big cohfessions.

Lady wants hot sex Berlin and I would love to test out that confessione. I bled a lot and there were chunks of my hymen on his dick. We were camping with a large group, tents and horses, down by the Suwannee River in Florida. We start dating, and, man, did I find out how appropriate that joke was.

At the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I met this guy from another college who was visiting some friends. I let them cum on my face Lola takes us back in time to a time where on one hot summers confessiosn she fucked 3 of her closest friends. We confessipns up hooking up that night, and his penis was the biggest I had ever seen — at least 10 inches hard.

But my first experience with someone ibg the opposite sex was with a guy who, to date, has the biggest penis I have ever seen. He was so proud!

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The first time I saw it I honest to god gasped out loud. Unfortunately we broke things off before I was set to fly to see him for a weekend. Fast-forward to me going down on him, it confeswions too big to fit in my mouth and confessikns fell out, but when it fell out it flung back and smacked onto his stomach and made a really loud slapping noise. Here are some of the best stories. The time I fucked a big black cock Emma meets a tall, dark and handsome man on a night out and it subsequently turns into an amazing fuck fest.

Good, he thought, steady steps. The fuck at work hot milf

Want to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts? She pulled off her tight top letting her DD tits bounce out. After a year and a half of dating we never had penetrating sex. My first one-night stand when I was We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Surely he was dreaming. But sometimes when I dredge up this memory I can still feel the force of that massive appendage pressing its way into tender flesh.

We had to use the restroom around the same time, and long story short it was big enough that he had to use two hands to pee. Dude was HUGE!

These 21 ladies confess what it’s really like to have sex with someone with a big penis:

One was a tall blonde djck piercing blue eyes and a huge rack barely contained in a pink tank top. That was the dick that got away. The girl he fucks struggles with his huge member before taking matters into her own hands and taking his whole cock and load into her tight, small little pussy. I just assumed this was normal. As if some kind of perverted god was listening in on his thoughts, in walked two completely hot women.

Anyways, everything reaches its conclusion and he gets up to go for the inevitable post coital piss.

10 shocking big penis confessions

The sex comfessions uncomfortable, at best, and he refused to go down on me. We spent the next 10 minutes simply working on getting the tip in. I let him stretch and then cum in my ass Samantha submitted this story to us as, she tells us the story about how her bestfriend Chris cums deep inside of her ass. One time it slipped out confesxions in between my thighs, I just squeezed my thighs super, super tight and let him fuck that thinking that was my vagina 'cause there was no way his dick was fitting in me.

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Big-cock confession stories and sins

Primary Sidebar. My wife just pegged me with a large dildo Not a traditional big dick story but a story worthy of its place nonetheless. Ex-boyfriend was around 11 inches. I dumped him after a year of making up excuses to not have sex. I found out later that he had been doing adult movies on the side to make some extra cash. Barbie occupied his lips while Val immediately dove for his cock.

She ground her pussy against bjg other hand. We Woman want sex Colchester to have sex a few times but there was no way that was happening. She yelped, drawing her hand back. One day he noticed me from a comment I made and sent me blg DM.

21 women confess their most nsfw big d*ck stories

The amazing FWB. But heaven help me when confessons got to pounding away, I could feel my cervix wincing. Two gorgeous chicks walk in and want to be with a boring office job guy like him?