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Black breeding stories

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Black breeding stories

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This was what happened, as much as I remember. It was evening in Las Vegas.

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Tibbs helped Kaylie out of her dress. They watched me jerk myself toward climax.

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Master Tibbs took care of us, or rather, we both looked up to him for guidance and submission. I groaned as I poured my seed down my feet. I never complained what he wanted of me, and neither has Kaylie. I scooped up my cum and licked off breediny drop. There were plenty of people inside when we strolled in and they clapped and congratulated I and Kaylie.

Tibbs and our wedding night

Tibbs pushed up her dress to reveal her silk stockings and garter belt and naked pussy. The limo drew to a stop and we got out and went inside and met more fanfare of people cheering us on. What starts out as delicious fun with a single bull or a small group of muscle bound Africans often ends with the ultimate unintended consequence: a bulging belly and an entrance into lifelong cuckoldry.

Each story normally sells for half the price of this collection by itself, meaning that you're getting five stories for the price of two. Tibbs got out of his jacket and let it drop to the floor and pulled his feet out of his shoes; I, too, got busy getting out of my tux.

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Kaylie reached for my cock and tugged at my balls. Over 22, words of graphic interracial cuckolding, breeding sex, occasional group sex, and cuckold humiliation. I inhaled his masculine smell. Breecing always knew how to take charge whenever he wanted; it was so easy for him. The collection contains five short stories from the perspectives of hot wives and their cuckolds.

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Nor do their husbands. A handsome Indian man from her husband's workplace holds the answer, and all the right tools to satisfy her nreeding she's always wanted.

He and Kaylie shared a kiss after sipping their drink. He saw the breedibg look in my eyes and motioned me to come and share. They knelt facing each other on the bed.

Soon, the couple find themselves on an advanced track as wifey melts beneath multiple handsome black men, giving her an brreeding father for the mixed baby she craves. She was all chuckles as he wet his finger with his drink and slipped it inside her cunt.

It includes a ly unpublished story not available anywhere else. I left mine lying carelessly on the floor and went toward the bedroom. I was in purgatory; I needed release.

She wore nothing except her thigh stockings. Tibbs had really tightened our bond in ways I can never fully repay him. For the first time, these delectable black breeding sex stories have been collected together to breedint your nighttime fantasies of wife breeding and cuckold humiliation.

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I felt a persisting itch inside my pants. Master Tibbs stood naked like a black buffalo in front of me. Kaylie knew what I wanted then and she took out my chastity key from around blwck neck and unlocked me. He fell backward on the bed and caressed her hair while simultaneously thrusting his meat further into her mouth.

Black breeding sex stories: an interracial cuckold collection

Tibbs afterwards turned her to lie on her back and came on top of her. Kaylie allowed me few licks brreding pressing my head down to swallow his balls. Seeing the way she lounged back and breathed through her lips, I knew she was loving it.

I came behind my wife and unzipped her dress down her backside and then stood back and watched. We got into the lift and it deposited us on our floor and then we went in the direction toward our suite. Little does he know that she seeks to fulfill a wish that will change their lives forever.

I was mesmerized by what I was seeing him do to my bride. Watching him fuck my bride now was so breath-taking. He breedig by her waist and yanked her head back with a fistful of her hair while fucking her hard and fast.