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Caught in panties stories

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Caught in panties stories

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I jumped at the chance since it was always a caugbt to see Aunt Rachel, the object of my wildest fantasies. She was a beautiful redhead with a voluptuous body. She lived across town about an hour away. When I got to her house I found that no one was home. The wheels in my panty-crazed mind began to turn.

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I told Tammy that you would do that for her.

The house of sissify

But you have to do something for me. I put my cock between her lips.

Whenever I get the chance I masturbate with these panties unbeknown to my wife. My lingerie seemed to change the dynamic.

Bella was wearing a black and white checkered wrap dress. Besides what else do you have to lose.

She rummaged in her drawers for a few seconds. Meet me tomorrow after work, 5pm outside the store I pinned her to the foyer wall as soon as we entered her house. I bent her over the edge of the bed.

My cock was semi jn by this point and I knew they were never going to contain me like this, so I pulled it to one side, rubbing the soft material against my shaft What was wrong with me? She told me to kneel on the floor facing her so I did so.

Aunt Rachel, being my only living relative, was chosen as my guardian and after the services I packed all my stuff and moved in to her home. They were yellow silk briefs with lace in the front. Then Gunnedah girls looking to sext of a sudden I felt her hand rubbing against my panty covered cock. I went to my room and did as I was told, then presented myself as required. Her eyes locked onto my body, then my eyes Her headboard bounced off the wall.

Questions? fears?

I was infuriated, but what could I do. I stepped behind her and swept her hair to the side. I was rigid.

Her hand csught my shaft slowly, rubbing precum from my head and making my whole cock wet, oh it felt so good, her other hand crept round and squeezed my balls And with that Mistress Rachel led me over to the bondage horse. She moved harder and faster on my cock.

Bella stayed on top and rubbed her clit rapidly until she had an orgasm. I jumped at the chance since it was always a pleasure to see Aunt Rachel, the object of my wildest fantasies. You always seemed satisfied. I walked into town, feeling the satin rub against me felt so kinky, I knew this was a bit weird Her eyes were drawn to the bulge in my panties. Alternate between that and sucking on my clitty!

It popped cauhht agonizingly and she began to push it slowly in to the stkries.

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She instructed me to wrap the collar around my cock and balls and buckle it on. That was it, I slid them on.

She then got under the bondage horse and took my cock into her mouth. You will be doing all my housework for me, all the vacuuming and dusting.

Caught in panties

I went to find Bella. She also brought Tammy along with her. I groaned loudly as I brought myself to orgasm.

One is that I do love you very much. I catch other men scoping her out all the time.

Age check!

You are the one with the problem. We kissed. She moaned my name and begged for me to make her cum. From her cedar chest she got some cuffs and proceeded to strap two of them to my ankles. I put my hands on her big titties.

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I somehow knew I would was going to regret the punishment for getting caught in panties. We kissed softly. I must admit I was getting turned on about watching her fuck another guy. When I was done with i wash I sheepishly went to the bedroom and told Aunt Rachel that I had finished.

I grabbed her soft ass.