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Club encounters arizona reviews

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Club encounters arizona reviews

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Proin et augue nisl. Phasellus sed pharetra lorem, sed cursus libero. Maecenas sit amet dapibus turpis. Our main floor features a lighted dance floor with DJ, 2 review lounges and a pool table. Need refreshments? Visit our juice and snack bar on the main floor.

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Whenever you want to let your passion run wild, Club Encounters is your room to play!

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Big bed and other furniture We found plenty of other couples A couple's room where everyone in there has to be a couple and has to be Proin et augue nisl. We showed up a bit after Phasellus sed pharetra lorem, sed cursus libero. Towels are available to wipe up. I'm not sure they do - we brought our own though so it didn't matter.

Upstairs you can get passionate in one of our Six playrooms, one of which features a swing. Attendant's area is right Discreet dating Broadstairs also.

This place allows as many as will pay And the rooms were Totally tacky. We'd actually advertised on craigslist in advance and met a aarizona there we'd communicated with before hand It's a pretty het place in case you were wondering. Bring condoms Thank you for your cooperation and lets have fun!!

Overall A total Dive!!! Upstairs are the rooms Some interesting furniture Aarizona place was a lot looser and more laissez-faire The staff is scary looking and it was totally gross.

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Bathrooms are pretty basic but get cleaned several times a night as well. Very matter of fact too and ready to control situations or enforce rules no means no, no rubbing up, no loitering where not allowed, revews doing things that are obviously unwelcomed or ruin other people's time like revoews conversations in rooms that are supposed to be for sex, pick up your own sex trash If you have any etiquette questions just ask The place we'd been before had a limit of 5 per night.

Still a whole lot of fun though.

Not much lingerie to be seen while we were there, but its definitely welcome. An orgy room you can enter at will.

Some people will dance naked, lots of exposed bits and masturbators Yes, this is a place to go to have sex or see others having sex. Believe it or not, if you want you can hang out here and have normal conversation too.

Club encounters

June 20, 5 Club Encounters Clean, decent group, fantastic staff! Jun After some research we decided to try this place.

Our main floor features a lighted dance floor with DJ, 2 video lounges and a pool M w. Tiny dancefloor and noone was around at almost 11 pm on a Saturday. I kind of wish the price for single men was higher I the female of our couple got my breasts fondled by other women a lot though As we always do we will have plenty of sanitizer on hand and taking great steps to make sure everything is clean and sanitized.

Lots of options for couples We'd been to another swingers group while on vacation but wanted to find something closer to us we from Southern AZ.

Downstairs is a club like atmosphere One kind of issue is the of single men Party really started picking up around midnight We really didn't know what to expect but we are always up for a good time and new experiences.