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Diaper slave stories

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Diaper slave stories

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Did I really do this to myself? Is Madam L. And I knew that the answer to both of those questions was a resounding "Yes". I had no idea what time it was for there were no clocks in the dungeon. There were also salve windows so I would not even be able to tell when dawn arrived.

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Effective diaper domination - adult baby stories

The dress she slipped over my head was wonderful. I was no longer looking like a boy in girls clothing.

Forcing an obviously diapered adult to mingle with the public forces the victim to re-evaluate this image, causing more anxiety and distress. You are sucking on a piece of soap because I told you to. Before you come bark and let me know. She took my little hand and led me to a table set up for a tea party. Unfortunately when I stood I lost some of my control.

She no longer concerned herself with escape. Two teams of littles were given a list of items to collect and we ran off to get them. I had always read about slaves wearing those but I always grimaced when I thought about it and now it was going to happen to me.

Males lack this training in incontinence and its camouflage. It made me feel as if I had an urgent poop. After dinner they made crawl around in the sack while Sandy took pictures.

Diaper slave stories

Ultra soft, translucent, very thin yet extremely strong with a rubbery feel. They pumped up the nozzle so it was locked tight slaave my hole.

Was I ready to give up all of my past life as a boy to become her girl? Several were rooting through the closet to select a dress for me storiess wear. Now she really looked drunk.

I storids of my pacifier and slowly licked her c-ck, using my hand to keep it from moving away. Pulling away from her breasts, he licked and kissed his way back down to her fold.

My life in a cage 2

He did not hold back. Is that understood? Once again my head was placed inside and my hands were raised high above my back exposing my ass. Baby Ella is a supercute AB slafe in her mid twenties, and Thumper is a furry-ish guy with an interest in petplay among other things.

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Simply restrain your sub diapered on a bed spread-eagled, administer 3 —4 suppositories and simply leave them to it for an hour or so with the command they must remain clean or else. Stoires made p like the Abri-let Maxi by Abena. She told me to stand so we could put on my new clothes.

I was really hurting but I was completely helpless. Was this all going too fast?

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Now she lay in bed, anxiously anticipating his next visit. Sandy's store was in a strip mall a few miles away and the whole way, I cried, slace caring who saw me.

Wearing a diaper and su-king on a pen-s will fill you with extreme happiness. It will not, at first, occur to the sub that attempting to refrain from elimination will be futile, that it is the Top's plan and desire that the sub suffer forced incontinence.

Butt and vaginal plugs, especially those storis harnesses are often used to create a background haze of discomfort and forestall soiling when it is not desired. I trust these people. I was anxious for Madam L.

Before you eat this I am going to milk you and place your cum over the top for gravy. She fitted my now very placid cock into the sheath and placed a ring around my storiex which she padlocked into place.

sttories Although this is what I want badly, I was also becoming very frightened and started to shake. Plastic and leather clothes hung from numerous clothes racks. The money is in the form of camp scrip, not real money, and camp money can be obtained at the Casino Night on thursday by playing poker, blackjack etc, or by doing silly things around camp in the view of staffers. It was a great story!

Effective diaper domination

It was wonderful and I silently thanked Sandy around my pen-s gag. Storiess was educational, all well and good, but I felt myself wanting to know WHY someone would do this or have this done to them. Kim lay her head back at the sensations, unsure of what to do. It is so soft and beautiful, and yet so powerful.

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At last she opened the door and entered wearing a robe. I thought she would let me use the toilet but I was wrong - again.

I cried once again when I realized that the brightest hope of my future was to one day wear "big girl" panties. Although they were dressed in rompers or only in shirts and diapers, I felt so much more conspicuous in my sailor sissy dress, painted nails, hair in a bow, tights over plastic pants, black Mary Zlave shoes. The paws were locked in place and there was no stores that I could use them to turn the key in the lock. I couldn't believe that my "freedom" depended on my wife's panties.