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Dogs for sale orange county

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Dogs for sale orange county

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We have cute bunches of puppies ready and willing to go home to their new families.

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How do I prepare for an adoption? The Retention Period is the time legally required for OC Animal Care to hold on to an animal so that their family has a chance to come in and find them. Retention Periods can vary and last anywhere from 4 days to more eogs 30 days depending on that animals particular situation. We at OC Animal Care love all breeds.

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Here are a few easy steps to complete your adoption. What is a Deposit Hold?

If the deposit holder does not come in to adopt the pet on the first day they are available for adoption, they will forfeit their deposit and the pet will be made available for adoption on a orane come, first serve basis. Thank you for choosing to adopt! In most cases, OC Animal Care has no access to information about the behavioral history of the animals in our care. Adopted pets also receive a certificate for a free veterinary exam at participating Southern California Veterinary Medical Association clinics within 72 hours of adoption.

Male scorts salinas holders will be notified what day they are to come in to finish the adoption process. Please contact your veterinarian for potential medical or training resources after adoption.

Dogs & puppies

Flr offer a variety of breeds of puppies for sale in Orange county such as toy, miniature, standard, and large breed pups. We have cute bunches of puppies ready and willing to go home to their new families. The shelter offers dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, small animals, and other exotic pets for adoption. Husky For Sale.

Puppies for sale orange county

Additionally, animals may behave and react differently to stimuli in shelter environments than in a home environment. In order to give your new pet the best opportunity for success in your home, we recommend they remain supervised as they acclimate to their new environment. If your newly adopted pet has to stay for surgery, you will be required to return to the Animal Care Center when notified that your animal is ready for pick-up.

Every puppy is cared for like they are our own children.

Not every shelter pet is available for deposit holds. Some small breeds we offer such as Maltese, Yorkshire, Pomeranian, and Morkie. This form will help our staff learn more about you and your household so we can help you find a good fit for your family.

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And what does it include? Thank you for considering adoption for your new family member! What animals does OC Animal Care have for adoption? There are a variety of species to choose from when looking for a new pet. Come experience the difference at The Fancy Puppy.

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If the original owner comes in to claim their pet, the deposit holder is able to roll over their deposit onto another animal within 90 days before it is forfeited. Additionally, due to the incubation period of certain diseases, clunty is strongly advised that you keep any newly adopted pet away from all other animals for a period up to two weeks. All adopters must visit with the pet they are considering prior to orangr the adoption process.

As with any living creatures, pets may have unidentified medical conditions or develop conditions in the future. OC Animal Care is one of the largest shelters on the west coast, with housing for over animals.

New pets should be restrained during initial encounters with humans and other pets and should not be left alone with small children. Remember, protective instincts may only surface when your pet acclimates to the home and identifies your home as orangw territory.

You must pay all applicable fees and will eale provided necessary paperwork. Our staff will evaluate the visit and help you determine if this is the right pet for you by providing more information about the pet.

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This Deposit Hold allows the potential adopter to have the first option to adopt when that pet has met its legal retention period and is made available for adoption. Fill out the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire. All fees are bundled and include the adoption fee, microchip, vaccinations, sterilization, and all veterinary services including anti-parasite treatment. How much does it cost to adopt?

ocunty Lengthy housing in a shelter environment may result in additional stress to animals, resulting in some negative behaviors. Potential adopters are allowed only two deposit holds at a time per household with a max of two deposit holds per year.

Customer service

Go to the Service Window and let the Office Specialist know you are interested in adopting the pet. Available pets have met the minimum required retention period allowed for owners to have their pet returned to them and have been made available for adoption.

Once you have tuned in your Pre-Adoption Questionnaire they will give you a orangge pass and direct you to the visit waiting area. Once you have completed your visit you will be directed to our Adoption Center to complete the adoption process. Come and play with all of our puppies that are up to date on vaccines, dewormed, registered, pedigreed, vet checked, and are well socialized. We do puppy inspections daily and ensure that our puppies are healthy and played with each and every day.

Use careful judgment in allowing greater independent interaction between your new Have you lost love and other pets and people, particularly children.