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Dr jasmin sculark husband

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Dr jasmin sculark husband

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That was apparent in the way I lived the next 18 years. We jasmih ed, by God, in a beautiful ceremony six months later. Inside, I was a jealous, vain, selfish, contentious woman; bitter, hateful and manipulative.

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On the Robert F. Until there is a clear renunciation of this ature.

Walk in the counsel of the ungodly, stand in the way of sinners, sitting in the seat of mockers, and you will be burned. Her ature is not evidence in and of itself that Sculark is a homosexual, however, when you support the sin of homosexuality by ing a letter, you are already an enemy of the cross of Christ. For some, we will see that time is up.

I vowed that I would live my life for Him, allowing Him to make necessary changes in me, if only He would save me, deliver me, and change me. There is a serious undercurrent that many in the Body of Christ is not paying attention to.

No sin will go unpunished. Rate this:.

Marriage restored

There is no middle ground or sculakr. Behind the scenes we are seeing a general acceptance of homosexuality. It is now front and center. God meant what He said and underscored it with fire and brimstone.

Unless there is a clear declaration of renunciation of the sin of homosexuality from those jasmkn profess to be pastors and bishops. You scu,ark the two parties exhaust all legal challenges until a ruling is reached by the courts. The battle in the courts between the Board and Bishop Joel Peebles continues. Even those Hot wife want nsa Beloit are connected in any way with Sculark, namely Jakes and others, their ministry is suspect if they refuse to vehemently renounce the sin of homosexuality.

They have already slipped into eternity. It should be a deterrent to commit or permit sin in the local church.

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The lake which burns with fire and brimstone. The undercurrent of lesbianism in the Christian Church. Finally, on this subject, watch the tree and the fruit of Sculark. On a side note, in an attempt to be neutral and objective, the appearance of Sculark becoming pastor at Jericho is extremely questionable. As far as women scualrk the ministry is concerned, we must be very careful about the fruit that manifests.

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While we are living in the NT dispensation of grace, in the OT, homosexuality was punishable by death and firmly declared punishable by death when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. Bluntly, lesbianism.

In the OT, Shiloh, if you recall, was the place where the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines because of the sexual immorality of the sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas. Sin is acceptable in the pulpit because it is unchecked in the heart of man.

Not every woman is a practicing homosexual or sympathetic to the LGBT agenda in support of the sin of homosexuality. Unless I am missing it, there seems to be no denial about these allegations from Dr. That was apparent in the way I lived the next 18 years. It is the bed of fornication in the city of Husbznd that many professed believers are in.

We must exercise our first amendment remedies.

Over the next year, I prayed daily, almost constantly, for change, for peace, joy and love, and of course, for my marriage to be healed and restored. The Ugandan government took extreme measures to protect its people from the destructive forces of homosexuality. Either you are for the Jasmun or you are against Him. The gift of gab is not the call to preach.


I could be mistaken about this but it appears that the Board is seeking legitimacy by installing a pastor to appear that it is business as usual, attempting to be normal. For when that last grain slips through, the law of gravity will not be denied.

The evidence of ministry is not in charisma. Powerful women of influence is cropping up faster than a comet. Most notably, Bishop T.

But he meant it. Bad connections yield more bad connections. Inside, I was a jealous, vain, selfish, contentious woman; bitter, hateful and manipulative.