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Dream guy quiz with story

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Dream guy quiz with story

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In fact, truth be told, your idea of your ideal man's ideal height tells us a bit about your preferences, which will further help us determine and, in turn, reveal unto you just what exactly your perfect boyfriend looks like.

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Everybody has a visual of their dream guy going on in their head, which means everybody has got their preferences when it comes to said dream guy's body type.

Hey, speaking of your dream guy, why don't you describe his hair to us? Long-term relationship, or just a fling?

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Choose wisely! For instance, ours is our too high forehead coupled with our "arched like a villain in ren's cartoon" eyebrows. Only one way to find out, and that's by dgeam this quiz! Take me out to dinner to my favorite restaurant If I said it out loud, you'd say I was gross 6 Well, he's distant, but he's there when I need him. You're in charge here, you tell us!

But, style is the best form of self-expression, so to say that clothes don't matter AT ALL wouldn't be quite right, qquiz. Fill our home with candles and rose petals, and surprise me with cuddles! It could be a tough guy who is independent, strong and a bit sassy.

Who’s your dream guy?

Now, go snag me a brew from the fridge, okay kiddo? Think about your dream guy.

You might be surprised! Eh, I'm forever alone, anyway We're soulmates!

Who is my dream guy?

Don't go into detail about the style, but do tell us, what's the color of his hair? Question 4 What are the color of his eyes? But if he's quuiz for me, I will love him no matter what Gurl, yes! It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously : Answers Do not think about the answers too long.

What type of man do you belong with?

. You never know.

His eyes His body His hair Everybody has a feature that they consider their best. Question 10 What kind of car does he drive?

We mean, WE don't understand that line of thinking, but it takes all kinds to make a world, we guess. Or, it could be a sweet guy who holds the door open for you and buys you flowers. Which zodiac are you most compatible with?

How old is he?

Question 3 What is his body type? We listen to their songs playing on the radio, we watch them on television playing sports, and we even pay to see them on the big screen, and while most of them are admired for their talents, some people also praise them for their looks.

No facial hair Neat, trimmed beard Scruffy, full beard Look. What kind of features and personality traits would you give him? Well if you de him, we will let you know which of the many hot celebrities you'll have as a boyfriend. He definitely loves my BODY.

And if he's really the type of guy who's worth dating, he will hopefully get along with your family and friends. You can share it with your friends : My Dream Guy Answer 29 questions about your dream guy, your exes, and your needs within a relationship.

Quiz: my dream guy quiz: howstuffworks

In fact, truth be told, your idea of your ideal man's ideal height tells us a bit about your preferences, which will further help us determine and, in turn, reveal unto you just what exactly your perfect boyfriend looks like. Dog Bird Hedgehog A life lived without friends? Six-packs only, plz Umm, yes, I don't want to be dating a tub of lard!

When looking for a ificant other, many of us have a list of criteria that this person must meet, and whether it is having a successful job, a particular eye color, body type or height minimum, we all have our preferences. Wait - that sounds creepy HA. Whoever he is, we're going to learn more about Have sex in Hillsboro Oregon in this dream guy quiz!

Question 5 What's the color of his hair? Maybe he's the type of guy who compliments you out of the blue.

Quiz: describe your dream guy and we'll give you a celebrity boyfriend: howstuffworks

We quuz know that looks aren't everything, but we're talking about your dream guy, here. What kind of style is your dream guy most likely to have? Question 7 What is his best feature? Describe your perfect man's physique here, people.

It's the only way. If that's not love, what is? Chances are, he doesn't exist precisely as you see him in your mind, but since you should always dream big, why not imagine exactly what you want? What if you could build describe your perfect man?