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Drugs that make you drowsy

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Drugs that make you drowsy

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Women are twice as likely as men to take antidepressantsaccording to the National Center for Health Statistics. But they can also make you tired, says Nancy Simpkins, MD, a board-certified internist who specializes in women's health and practices in Livingston, NJ. Most modern antidepressants SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors work by regulating serotonin, a mood chemical in the brain that plays an important role in sleep. Although SSRIs tend to be less sedating than older antidepressants including tricyclics such as Elavilsome people still end up feeling sluggish.

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9 types of medications that can lead to chronic fatigue

: Why getting enough sleep should be on your list of New Year's resolutions Benzodiazepines Benzodiazepines are drugs such as Valiumalso used to treat anxiety. Alternatives: The FDA has advised doctors and other health care providers to obtain serum magnesium levels before prescribing PPIs and then periodically thereafter. It is worth trying as it is generally well tolerated, although some people experience back pain. Any advice or information provided should not be followed in lieu of a personal consultation with a trained medical professional.

It causes so much sleepiness that doctors typically prescribe it as a sleep aid for people whose anxious thoughts are keeping them awake. That said, some are more sedating than others.

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How they can cause fatigue: Blood-pressure medications may slow down the pumping action of the heart as well as depress the entire central nervous system, or, in the case of diuretics, deplete electrolytes that Silsden fun and flirt body needs. Be aware, though, that omega-3s can slightly raise levels of LDL or bad cholesterol, and other research has shown these may increase the risk of prostate cancer.

In some cases, your sleepiness will lessen over time, as your body adjusts. These powerful medicines are best reserved for judicious use in pain relief, given the severe hazards of dependence and overdose. Similarly, the package insert for cephalexin Keflex, Keftabs, Panixine, Biocef, Zartan lists fatigue as a potential side effect. : Is it possible to catch up on sleep? Some say that they feel like they have the flu.

Temazepam brand names Normison, Temaze, Temtabs and lorazepam brand name Ativan are reasonable choices from the many benzodiazepines available.

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The fix? The top-selling statins are atorvastatin Lipitorrosuvastatin Crestor and simvastatin Zocor ; the top-selling nake is fenofibrate Tricor. How they can cause fatigue: Antipsychotics are drugs that dull the activity of the central nervous system. But it also may cause some of the same muscle problems as the pharmaceutical products. Physiological and psychological dependence on the drug can develop after only a few days in some people, or weeks in most.

One study shows that metabolism increased while resting and exercise heart rate dropped in older women who took omega-3 supplements that contain 2 g EPA, 1 g DHA for 12 weeks. Harvard Health Letter What to do when medication makes you sleepy It may be as simple as adjusting the dose, avoiding alcohol, or taking the drug at a different time of day.

4 common drugs that make you want to fall asleep

Alternatives: Talk with your doctor or other health care provider. In fact, drugs like antihistamines can affect your ability to drive, and are associated with an increased risk of next-day driving accidents. Unfortunately they are often over-used, especially in older people. : Health Check: how to soothe yourself to sleep Z-drugs hypnotics Zopiclone brand names Imovane and Imrest and zolpidem brand name Stilnox are similar in their pharmacology and effects to the benzodiazepines.

She also suggests that you keep healthy sleep habits to get a good night's rest; limit over-the-counter drugs that have drowsiness as a side effect; limit other substances that can cause tiredness, such as alcohol; and talk to your pharmacist to see if it's possible to take the medication at night, when you're already preparing for sleep.

: Weekly Dose: Valium, the 'safer choice' that led to dependence and addiction Importantly, the effectiveness for inducing sleep wears off after a few weeks. Most list tiredness and drowsiness among the potential side effects; some list weakness.

If you still can't shake that foggy feeling, ask your doctor about trying out a different drug in the same class, such as Paxil, Prozac, or Lexapro. Feeling sleepy throughout the day can interfere with your quality of life, possibly hurting your performance at work or keeping you from participating in daytime activities.

Share this :. Ask the Pharmacist is written by Armon B.

These drugs could be the cause of that tired feeling

Long-term regular use of medicines to promote sleep should be avoided, as initial effectiveness declines rapidly over a few weeks and dependence and adverse effects become problematic. Carr recommends that you avoid activities that require alertness, like driving, until you find out how the medication affects you.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. Hurts and m and subbbwanal iStock Updated: October 1, Published: March, One of the most commonly reported side effects of some medications is drowsiness. Commonly prescribed antipsychotics include aripiprazole Abilifyhaloperidol Haldololanzapine Zyprexarisperidone Risperdal and ziprasidone Geodon.

When GABA rdugs released, it als the brain and body to relax, which can provide short-term relief to someone with intense anxiety. But in the short short termsleep medications do have their place.

Typical offenders Common culprits that cause sleepiness include antidepressants; antihistamines, found in sleep aids or medicines that treat allergies; anti-emetics, which are used to control nausea and vomiting; antipsychotics and anticonvulsants, which can be used to treat seizures or depression; drugs to treat high blood pressure, including alpha blockers and beta blockers; benzodiazepines and other sedatives, which are commonly used for anxiety or insomnia; drugs for Parkinson's disease; muscle relaxants; and opioids and other prescription pain medications.

Shutterstock 4 of 4 4. Zoloft users often report this side thst, says Tat. Chronic fatigue has many causes, including illnesses such as anemia and multiple sclerosis as well as depression and other psychiatric disorders.

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In studies, the side effects include fatigue, lethargy and weakness. Unfortunately, far too many people are dependent. More than 20 million Americans take prescription PPIs, including esomeprazole Nexiumlansoprazole Prevacidomeprazole Prilosec and pantoprazole Protonixsome of which are available over the counter. An omega-3 fish oil supplement may help to lower your blood pressure, too.

People with bad allergies have a few options: Try taking Benadryl or Xyzal before bed, or switch to a less drowsy option.