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Drunk sister sex stories

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Drunk sister sex stories

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I was 15 at the age of the hormones kicking in anyways. My sister came home after stpries out with her friends and she was drunk I mean really drunk. Our parents were away witch is probably why she got drunk. I heard a car pull up outside our house and the door open.

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Good stuph!! Mom moved to the foot of my bed taking my covers with her.

She stank like a brewery last night! At about in the morning I hear my sister come home with a couple of friends. I leaned down and took a whiff of her crotch, it was one of the best smells I've come across.

So what? Fbailey story Mom's Drunk Again I had been off getting into trouble as usual. I was 15 at the age of the hormones kicking in anyways.

I knew she wouldn't remember any of this in the morning. She must have had a great view.

When I started to get up I put my hand on her bed which shifted her blanket off of her, as I went to fix it, so she wouldn't know what happened, I saw something else that made my cock spring back into action. I pulled off her pants and looked at her beautiful pussy. I must have felt guilty or something. She was the most attractive of the three, but I had never looked at her in a sexual light. I thought you were initiating sex with me.

Drunk sister

Midnight comes and goes and I stay up late and dick around on my computer. Next I pulled her skirt down.

I was a virgin but I had seen pictures and heard the older guys talking in school. This story happened a few years ago, the summer I graduated from high school.

My sister Evelyn is thirteen years old and a little brat. The I pulled out and went over to my sister's other friend, who was a hot blonde with moderate boobs but a pretty good sized butt.


Taking the moment of opportunity, I run back up to my room, eex get a condom. I didn't even wait to make sure Erin had gone to her room, I ripped my pants to my ankles and brought her shoe up to my face and inhaled as deeply and slowly as I could, I was in heaven with the smells of her feet. I enjoyed watching you fuck Mommy.

She was naked. I then took my dick and tried to shove it in her mouth, but didn't keep it in there long because I was afraid she would choke. I had her naked and had spread her legs so that I could get between them and fuck her. I had no answer for that thought.

My Drunk Sister My sister staggered in through the front door, giggling hysterically and reeking of alcohol. I thought "What the fuck?

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Oh, yum! She was laying on her stomach so there wasn't really Southern country girl way to get to her boobs. I had seen them before but they were still nice. Good girl! I didn't want to put the condom back on, and I have always wanted to know what sex felt like without a condom.

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I always have. I took her blanket and tossed it back over her, with her pants around her ankles she'd probably think she was just taking care of business when she passed out, and that the crust on her face was just drool.

Slide your penis into me and fuck me. I pulled my pants back up and decided to head to bed, on my way upstairs I noticed Erin's door was still open. After getting her boots off, she mumbled a thanks and made her way to bed, she had left me with her rdunk, I couldn't believe my luck.

No, this is wrong. With the condom still on I inserted my dick into her pussy and started fucking her as well. I then took her hand and put it on my dick and made her stoke my dick.

My sister got drunk

She flopped onto her bed. Then I said "Let's get these clothes off you, and get you into bed, my precious Poppy. I was just about to climax. I could feel myself getting close, so I took her other boot, and stuffed my cock inside of it and started to slide back and forth inside, it was great. Mom is a thirty-three-year-old woman with a great body.

Let us taste the joys of love together. I want to see her feet covered in my cum so badly, I started wanking myself off onto her feet, I let go 4 great big ropes of cum onto her soles, it slowly rolled down her feet and dripped rrunk her toes, it was amazing. She told sistr to lick her pussy and play with her clit until she was wet down there. But I summoned my strength and said "It would be taking advantage of you, Poppy.