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I let a stranger cum inside me

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I let a stranger cum inside me

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The man I never learned his name bumped against me after coming down the stairwell. It was late at night, and the place was empty. The trains delayed. He had a frenzied look in his eyes and a smile that won my raging heart.

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He slapped my ass, then I heard him walk away into the dark station. My response was to moan for him, begging him to go harder.

I dum out as he amped up his thrusts. He tried to lead me back down the few steps to the cabin and I turned around at the door and tried to step back up on deck. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pressed my face against the wall.

I felt my body respond to him even though this was not what I'd planned. When he was done, he stepped back with a sigh.

The sudden thunder of its wheels filling up the entire station, but still, the man would not relent. His words slithered into my head.


My cock. Long and deep. The trains delayed.

And then, in a maddening burst, he would ram himself back inside me, making the unmistakable smack of his thighs crashing into my ass echo all over the station. Swaying, my pussy tightening, massaging every inch as my body begged him to cum inside me.

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He turned on the marker lights and then shut off the rest of strnger lights on the boat and it was kind of amazing. He pressed himself against me, pinning my hands down with his own.

Your tight little pussy. One hand squeezed my tit, the other massaged my ass as if he thought I was hiding something in there. I pulled up my pants, my heart refusing to quiet down, and sat down on a bench.

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I'll give him credit that his polo shirt came off first and, in a way, that made mr a little more comfortable. I wish I could say I had learned my lesson, but that was some years later. Slow strokes that seemed to make the sensation of him sliding out of my pussy last forever. Every moment, throbbing, so much so that every time I took a shuddering breath, I felt every single Married couple seeking fucking threesome of this stranger claiming my body.

And the heat! What followed was, at best, awkward, as he took me back to the bar. I sucked my fingers clean.

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The man I never learned his name bumped against me after coming down the stairwell. He buried his nose in my hair and groaned. My mind threatening to blank out as he shuddered out every single drop he had ket offer. I had the bikini on and it felt safe enough. His hand sought me out and I gasped as he plunged a finger into me. I wish it had gone on all night but it was just a few minutes when he held me tight and began to take more deliberate strokes. I held onto the rails as my lover explored my body inside and out.

All I could manage were moans and sighs as he planted firm kisses up and down my shoulders and the side of my face.

I let a stranger cum in me

I told him he was just teasing himself and he chuckled and drew me tight against him and he kissed me hard. Too soon, he held himself into my depths and I felt his cock ripple inside me as he pumped me full of his come.

Pounding me against the wall. Nope, but my shorts came down and then there I was in just my bikini. This is an example of one of my less-than-stellar moments. I felt his cock slip between my legs and he began the gentle sawing motion that was very familiar to insife.