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Jim stobie hobo

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Jim stobie hobo

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I was attracted to it all, and I watched hours more, I re-watched the ones I had already seen.

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I was attracted to it all, and I watched hours more, I re-watched the ones I had already seen. But a National Transportation Safety Board forum ji, rail trespassing in found that a similar tactic would not work because they still needed to conduct further research to understand to the target audience for those education programs.

He caught the westbound

Anyone walking along the jiim crossties that make up a track are considered trespassers, from those taking selfies next to a passing train to those using it as a pedestrian shortcut. Stobe had an amazing wit and vocabulary, that intertwined and flowed as if he was reading poetry. Most videos come in like a normal TV show at around 22 minutes. The CRS study concluded that "there is no dedicated program devoted to rail trespass prevention analogous" to those dedicated to rail crossing deaths, a one-time major killer that education programs have helped drastically decrease.

The news and stories that matters, delivered weekday mornings. I think about you quite often. You went out there and lived the dream while I just kinda 'got old' in an office. Stobie was known for sharing his travel stories and love for hopping freight trains in videos posted online.

James william stobie

He had the classic hobo persona down, a little jug of jm and some scraps of food that were tossed out as a bonus while he waits in the darkest hours of the night for the next train out of town. Atobie all of us trapped in boredom due the pandemic your videos kept us going. Grief can be so hard, but our May he rest in peace. After watching several I was saddened to learn that he had passed away.

Is it possible that a rule youtube has for using copyrighted music created this beautiful accident that would now have Stobe playing songs on his piano to be used in the videos? The editing of his film footage was part of the magic of Hobo Stobe. May God bless you and your It was good, interesting and no one else can duplicate what Stobe could do. The FRA data concluded that train deaths have grown steadily in the past 10 years, peaking in His dad is a professional drummer and there were always instruments around to play on.

Peace brother! According to data maintained by the Federal Rail Administration released last week, it seems that Stobe was far from alone in The tracks ran right by the campus, and that is where he found his passion for an unknown adventure.

He would later attend Colorado State University and graduate with a bachelor degree in music. Stobie could have done just about anything and his fans would be right there with him.

James stobie – (stobe the hobo)

Submit Stobe is at the beer store in heaven. Those videos were weekly updates of his adventures and plans.

But no matter what, he kept filming. Not sure what to say? He seemed like a person that I would have liked to have known. Who Was Stobe The Hobo? He would serve 3 years, finishing in June of And a posthumous movie compiled from flash drives found at the Northern Command jom by, Jefferey James Halvorson.

Who was stobe the hobo?

While attending CSU, Jim was an intern for the college radio station. I'm sure the trip continues some where, some world. His videos were all wanted to watch and to this day, I probably watch a Stobe video once a day. Let our news meet your inbox.

Thanks Stobe, for being a modern day American original. To be honest, some of those were my personal favorite episodes.

A little about james stobie

At one point in high school, Jim started a Death Metal band with his good friend Will, they were called Cynicism. All these days i wondered what had happened until I discovered this sad news stoibe. Love to you Melanie M. Thanks for following your path. It was during his junior year of College where he started hopping trains.

Most of the time they stoobie not appreciate railroad safety and they get hit by trains walking down the track. He was brilliant and talented that way.

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The majority of train fatalities continue to occur because of trespassing, and education efforts have not stopped trespassing deaths from reaching a year high. Jim taught for a year documenting and publishing videos on his youtube he created. Jim played drums and turns out he was really good at that too! Rest in peace Stobie!