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Stars Rating Count: Description Ready to roleplay? Meet thousands of geeks on Kik that share your same roleplay interests.

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Calling any literate role players!!!!

Similar interests are a plus, but not a requirement. Love talking ooc and I am literate the minimum I will write is paragraphs and most is around paragraphs plus her thoughts and possibly relevant music lyrics.

Posted 3 years ago fijder 6 notes. More than I have room to list. Does finedr buff lumberjack come along to take care of them or take care of them? DancingStark crazy-rendezvous asked: Looking for an rp partner to rp relationships involving any of the following Marvel characters: Bucky, Steve, Tony, Loki, Thor. Not big on the nsfw. Thank you! Examples are marvel, LOTR, warhammer and many more!

Romance wise, she is extremely flirty and likes to tease men around her, playfully, and becomes very protective when she has a man.

To everyone else, I'm in fjnder need of as many chances to rp Bruce Banner as humanly possible lol. Roleplay Romance? Someone who will coordinate rather than just float along. Do you have a preferred platform for roleplaying?

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It's awesome and fun. NSFW is totally cool w me. Roleplay Family? Hopefully more people will see it this time!

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Perhaps he gets fucked by a demon infront of a group of his peers? I prefer discord. For all manner of plots to scratch this itch. Meet thousands of geeks on Kik that share your same roleplay interests. They land, with a twisted ankle, and find themselves trapped in the never ending woods. I know that the text box when adding someone has a character limit, but get as much info in there as you can.

Looking for haikyuu rolplayers!

Send me a dm with your discord user if you wanna rp! Roleplay Get your bio Wife looking nsa Huggins pic ready, then finddr lost in a roleplay fantasy adventure. My preference would be to really explore how Ellie is going to try and deal with her grief and her trauma to try and be the person that Dina needs in her life post-Seattle.

She travels with a Sickle and two armed guns latched onto her belt. A writer who enjoys complex settings and flawed characters.

Or fijder crush is made to watch him getting used or vice versa? High-Def Buns pantedgie asked: Hello! I roleplay solely over Skype for the time being. Get at me on discord High-Def Buns Now onto the plots and roles! Personality: Travels the zombie apocalypse alone, preferring to not have human contact because she knew it would just cause her pain due to losing her brother quite early on. My least favourite role is sub female but I will play this happily if the plot is interesting or kinky enough.

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If you cannot use structured sentences with acceptable grammar understanding please find yourself another partner! I will absolutely not dom as a female however. One of my main fantasies involves a guy ing an all girls university, unable to turn down the offer to the prestigious education centre.

Eye colour: Blue Body type: Slim and petite. So message me over at rpxforxdayz on kik so we can get writing! Or something more supernatural? No one older than 17 and no one younger than myself please, no kij content, just fluff.

A few specifics out of the way first. Stars Rating Count: Description Ready to roleplay?

Super excited and hope this works xD Thanks again. Hank Pym and Kamala Khan being the top of the wish list right now but all the marvel.

Doctor who?

Paragraph based. Though she is sweet once you get to know her, she seems cold on the outside. What happens to them? The third and last specific plot centres a guy getting into a sweet and wholesome femdom relationship with plenty of smut and kinks, most of this not very wholesome going on a first date and going back to hers, having her teach him everything about subbing in the kik rp finder from pegging to eating a woman out. Someone honest, unafraid to voice concerns, and consistent.

My kinks and limits I can provide once you message, as I have an Sexy black women in Syracuse New York al. Descriptions and inspiration pics are fun tho! Roleplay Horror? The indie crime rp tag has been dead for quite some time, so I'm trying my luck here, as I'm desperate for interactions for the OC found in my blog. Currently dying to do a plot based on angsty sentence starters.