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My sister made me cum

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My sister made me cum

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As we were hiking up the hill she started to lift her skirt up for some reason. This was ridiculous but the sight of her ass made my penis swell. She made her ass swaying side to side in a very enticing manner.

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I was afraid my parents found it while cleaning my room. The next day before mom n dad got home I siser to my sisters room and I confronted her. She kept fondling her tits in front of me.

A couple days later, my super thicc sister wanted to go dancing with me. I nodded my head yes. I just wanted to see a penis like in your magazine.

My pulsating cock that just kept spewing semen into her mouth as she kept sucking. This content appeared first on new sex story. I was coming up on my climax as I stood over her as she was making my cock disappear with her mouth. I lifted my flaccid penis to show my testicles. cmu

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I came deep into her vagina this time. Maybe it was nothing so I stowed my magazine under my bed and went to sleep. Was the thought of my sister watching me turning me on? Umm could you tell me what the girls in the magazine were doing? We never saw much of mom and dad because of there jobs so I was always the man of the house when it comes to watching my younger sister. Her tits swayed back and forth and her nerdy glasses were such a nice addition to her slutty but smarty look.

Her pussy juices were flowing in abundance which lubricated our fucking and provided squishy, wet noises.

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I loved the view of her big ass that this position allowed. This is the first time a girl has seen my penis.

I felt this empowering embrace over my sister. The what ifs kept nagging at the back of my head. Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but my sister kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my softening dick. As we were hiking up the hill she started to lift her skirt up for some reason. I reached up and touched her tit. Later, my thicc sister was working out, making her butt even bigger.

She sucked harder, faster and went deeper.

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Remembering the curvature and contours of my genitalia. I stood up and pulled down my pants dum to reveal my not yet fully developed penis.

If we were fast, our parents are never going to suspect a thing. It was late and I got bored so I decided to play with myself, forgetting that I have left my door cracked to catch my sister peeping.

But when my slutty sister pulled her tits from her dress, letting them bounce free in front of me while she tweaked her left nipple, then right, I decided to go with the flow. This is the shaft of the penis and at the top in the head.

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Later that night I decided to crack my door just a wee bit more than last time so I could see if my sister was actually spying on me. I live with my mom, dad and my sister. These are the testicles that hold sperm.

Before I could save myself she grabbed my penis. I reached my limit as I shot my hot semen in the back of her throat slightly gagging her.

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As she looked up at me with her smiling face I knew she was loving it as was I. I knew I would regret this in the morning but was looking forward to more and more with every stroke she gave.

I was masturbating again and as I ejaculated Sisted heard a noise outside my door and I noticed my door was cracked. Instead, we staied in and she danced all over my girthy prick! I laid down and my naked sister positioned her amazing big bubble ass onto my cock. Smiling at me she leaned in and wanted a kiss but I denied her at first.

Then I remember back to the noise I heard last night. I looked down and noticed pre cum was starting to ooze out the tip.

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Does that mean it feels good? It came out in thick white lines on my chest. Her ass looked ridiculous in the leggings, thick and tight from her workouts.

I could see her taking all the mental photos. I kinda like them.