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Owned submissive

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Owned submissive

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Written by Guest Author Today's guest post is by dina from Kajiradreams. She's donated a few posts for this week on Gorean Living so watch for them in the coming days! My Ownev gave me the task of writing down my thoughts on what it means to be an owned kajira.

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I feel at home.

I have surrendered my body, mind, spirit and heart into his hands, owned submissive care. I trust my Aubmissive to owmed me to my limits, to explore my limits, to know how far to push before stepping back and allowing me to come to terms with that new realization that yet another thing has changed. As an owned kajira, I freely gave those rights up. To please him.

It means we say all the hard things and we discuss all the scary things together. It is not my place to hide my emotions or tame them unless my Master wishes. I feel owned.

It means I have a purpose. I trust him without question. This feeling of being owned is directly attributed to the environment my Master has created and the way he makes me feel. Yes, it is an interesting process to relearn what we have been taught from birth and it is not without a few stark realizations along the way.

A phrase people used when in scenes to ify the power exchange. Mind, Body, Soul, Heart.

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I have a place. So, no matter what comes of it, I will face it honestly and front on. I can try to fight all I want who I am inside, but in the end, I will not win because I submisisve what I am. It does not matter how much I do not wish to do something, or how much I try to fight against it, in the end, it all boils Ladies wanting sex Seaside to the same thing.

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Thing is after I sent the I just closed the computer down. It creates in me a sense of security and contentment like no other. We can easily be self-sufficient and provide for our most basic needs. It allows me to trust, even blindly.

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I belong, wholly, to Him. We have a basic human right of free choice, a right to decide what we want, a right to act without asking permission, submissjve right to choose a career, what to wear, who to talk to, a right to be our own person. The reason why I could not go through with my half baked plan? I can only ever write this submlssive my own feelings and own perspective, and to be honest it has taken a lot of thinking about.

As kajirae we have a need, a calling within us to submit to another. It means we are committed to us- to communicating and trusting through honesty.

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I cannot now comprehend life without my Master, life as unowned or free. But we cannot provide the security, happiness and contentment that comes from sharing in a committed loving relationship. Independently we can provide for ourselves. When I began searching for a dominant I was extremely picky.

Yeah yeah, vanilla reading this will think wtf?! Watch for her other guest posts coming up on this site!

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sub,issive It means I am cared for and respected. If that means dealing with an issue quicker than I thought then so be it. What does being owned mean to me?

Relationships are work. As human beings we have grown up with basic concepts of our own rights. It is not my place to. But my submission is an opportunity for me to selfishly escape from my life and my work and journey back into myself and give me something I want.

What it means to be an owned kajira

I feel like Submisive have a place and a purpose. But it means so much more than that. I must be true to what I am. Now, I know my Master will not accept Huntington girls fucking me one word as the totality of my thoughts smiles so I know I am going to have to write more, to give Him the inner workings of my mind and feelings so he can dissect them at his leisure; stored away for future use as He sees fit….

Because of him I feel confident, safe, and purposeful.