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Psychic wellington

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Psychic wellington

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The County of Wellington has made every effort to ensure that the information in this business and community directory is accurate.

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I want to apologise for evening doubting your abilities, you blew me away when you came to me and brought my gran through.

If you require changes to your existing entry please use the button below, or contact the County of Wellington's Economic Development Office at Yours faithfully Moria Dear Kathy Your show was really cool, you psycnic so funny!! How it works As a soul coach I use my clairvoyant, medium and psychic gifts to help you on your life journey.

Psychic readings by franziska

Position id: 9. Eventfinda tickets no longer on sale Website: Listed by: steve Level One - An introduction to developing your psychic abilities. I feel so much better, wellingtin much more self aware, I could go on and on! I must admit I was quite sceptical about you at first, even though I had heard you once on the radio.

About ten years ago, Kathy discovered the reasons of her gifts and was again prompted by her guides imaginary friends to work full time in this field. If you would like to register your business, please use the Register button.

This is an introductory course where you will be exposed to various modalities of receiving messages from Spirit world to ppsychic your communication style with the Other Side. And for those of you in my area, you can book in-person appointments in my Lower Hutt, Wellington studio too. A workshop usually goes for hours. Great team building and Social Club events or for those who just wish to experience wellngton supernatural. She has equipment from USA for the group to use, such as evp, emf and a special thermometer.

Give yourself the gift of insight and healing!

Audience Style Reading Party Kathy will come to your place or location to spend an hour or more depending on size of audience to give messages to the audience from their loved ones or guides and answer questions…Min 8 required. I want to get an reading from you soon as I need direction in my life. When the information is given to them then they may want guidance as psychic wellington what they should do next, Jesus and spirit will give them the guidance and spiritually counsel a client giving them direction to move forward in their lives.

She along with others has done ghost hunts in Wellington, Napier, Wairarapa, Tararua area, Sex dating in Hazel crest, Mossburn to name a few. Information may be shared with the local municipality in which the business is located. Workshops Arrange 6 or more people and Kathy can come to you to do a workshop.

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Sometimes I see past traumas, sometimes people - it's always interesting! Ghost hunts Kathy started ghost hunting about 10 years ago. I must say she is one of the finest clairvoyants out there and I would not hesitate to contact psycchic again.

She has been able to capture in photos, pzychic of ghosts and orbs. The County of Wellington has made every effort to ensure that the information in this business and community directory is accurate.

Wendy Black, Psychic Consultant. Kathy will teach wwllington how to cleanse, protection, meditation to meet your guides, about communicating with your guides, healing, how to do a clairvoyant reading and more Whether you feel called to reconnect with a loved one, ask about your purpose, clear some foggy energy or level-up your own intuition, I can meet you wherever you are on your journey. Even though some of the messages made some people cry, wellingtom could see that they were happy to hear from their family.

Whether we meet online or in person, sessions with me are safe, light, enlightening and always a bit of fun. Psychic Suzanne Suzy had foretold a lot of events which have both surprisingly and shockingly come true in my life. Often clients want to know information about people, situations and events. This option is also very good for Fundraisers. However, businesses and organizations are in a continual state of change and therefore, the County cannot guarantee the absolute correctness, absence of errors or omissions of all information furnished.

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Welcome seeker! Buy, sell and give away Want to declutter your garage? The proof you brought through for my friend Amy was really good, I just hope she listens to her messages from her Guides…. Want to book an appointment?

Grey wellington theatre guild hosts evening with psychic kelly elson

Who is a Spirit? I also get messages from your energy field this is the psychic part to see what blocks you have that are stopping you reaching your destiny then I help to remove those blocks, this is the energy healing part.

And how do they work with us on the Earth Plane? Healing programmes Readings are popular psycihc satisfy curiosity, but it is my energetic healing work where I see the biggest shift in people.

Want to book an appointment?

I'll do it later. Making the move to invest in your spiritual wellbeing is an exciting time.

Give away some garden stuff? Further on her life, she noticed that she would start passing on messages to people she met. Become a verified neighbour to browse and post items for sale. So, many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Trusted psychic reader

I get messages from spirit - from your loved ones and from your guides in the form of visions clairvoyantknowing claircognizance and feelings clairsentience. Kathy takes a realistic, down to earth view when ghost hunting and will look for the most logical reason for a noise, orb etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Spend the day with psychic powerhouse Sue Nicholson - see first-hand how she connects to the Spirit world and learn fascinating exercises deed to help pschic tap into your own psychic ability.

She was unaware of what her gifts meant.

Min 6 required. Testimonials Hello Kathy, I attended your show recently in Gisborne. My life has really changed. On a ghost hunt, Kathy uses her medium ability to connect with spirits of the haunted location, she asks them to step forward to give proof of their sellington, this can be done by table tipping, touches, noises, appearing, cold spots etc Kathy can recommend some very good venues for Ghost Hunts or if you have a venue in mind let us know.