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Puppies for sale in kitsap county

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Puppies for sale in kitsap county

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News Kitsap County Commissioners passed an ordinance Monday banning the sale of pets from large-scale commercial breeders. Over public comments were received by the county since a public hearing was held on April

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A similar ban currently exists in Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, and Poulsbo.

What we do:

We are doing small classes and one on one sessions. Jennifer Cannon, a policy analyst for Kitsap County, gave a presentation to the commissioners, highlighting the proposed limitations, the goals of the proposed ordinance, and themes from the public comment period. The ordinance goes into effect July 22, If the exam turns up anything wrong coynty the animal, Farmland pays the resulting bill, he said.

KIRO 7 asked people in Silverdale what they think. He said the kennel plays by all the rules, like making sure the puppies are not under a pound and half and are over eight weeks old. He said his puppies are healthy, five-generation pedigree dogs that come with kutsap reports, vaccinations, microchips and pupipes one-year congenital defect guarantee. The county is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the changes on Monday. Those opposed Prior lake MN sex dating the ordinance cited concerns about lack of consumer choices for dog and cat adoption and unfair treatment of a specific business.

Educate. advocate. rehabilitate.

Please review the information on our How To Adopt to find out more about our new adoption process, and schedule an appointment. Over public comments were received online after a public hearing about the issue on April It can take up to four hours for the available pets listed here to update, so please revisit this frequently. Exceptions would be made for animal welfare groups like the Coumty Humane Society. Small-scale hobbyist breeders can continue selling pets from their homes, but they may not be sold in pet stores.

Other goals involve only allowing retail sales of puppies and kittens at commercial pet facilities when obtained from a certified animal welfare organization; requiring enhanced record keeping for hobbyists, commercial pet facilities and animal welfare or an animal ;uppies organization; no sale of puppies and kittens less than eight weeks old, and improving Sex Morgan Hill maine and consistency of enforcement.

Farmland also provides a free vet examination with the puppies it sells if the customer takes the dog in within seven days from purchase. He said kittens he sells come from his customers around Kitsap County who would otherwise be taking them to the shelter. We provide classes, workshops and seminars revolving around dog behavior, communication and training, in the effort of reducing the of homeless and relinquished pets in the area.

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He said the kennel provides a five-generation pedigree for the dogs, microchips them, and a gives a congenital health guarantee. Meegan M.

The effective date of the ban is July 22, According to Cannon, citizens were concerned about the documented abuse of puppies and kittens, Sex surrogacy Dyersburg as overcrowded cages, over-breeding, inadequate sanitation, lack of veterinary treatment for serious health issues, and lack of socialization.

KHS Adoption Counselors will help you choose the right pet for your lifestyle. Our d and inspected supply kennel perpetrates no despicable acts towards any of its breeders. Check back frequently — new pets become available for adoption every day. The commissioners voiced concern over one business in unincorporated Kitsap County affected by the ban.

Our play yard is available to rent. Please stay tuned to our social media and website. For more information about the code changes, visit kitsapgov.

Commissioners ban sale of pets from large commercial breeders

Once more than 4 approved applications have been submitted, the dog will be removed from our Available Pets. Reservations require a 24 hour advance up, so that we may sanitize the play yard between uses.

We will not be renting out the facility at this time. Additionally a day grace period for pet store compliance will also be included. Sometimes our pets are ed more quickly to Petfinder, so please try checking this link for the most up to date animals in our care.

Meegan M. Under the code changes, no group would be allowed to sell or adopt out a dog or cat younger than eight weeks old.

Dogs and cats sold in pet stores now must come from animal welfare organizations, like Kitsap Humane Society. On Monday, Kitsap County commissioners voted to ban pet stores from selling animals they buy from large-scale breeders.

Kitsap county mulls a ban on retail dog and cat sales

Other animal types, such as kittens, cats, and small pets, oitsap an appointment to be scheduled online through our Bookings. Commissioner Rob Gelder said this ordinance is not an endorsement of hobbyist breeders and told a story of a puppy he purchased from one years ago that ended up having congenital health issues.

The ban county kitswp are considering would keep organizations from selling dogs or cats, except from an animal welfare organization like the Kitsap Humane Society, or that weren't bred at the sale site by a small-scale breeder. If you prefer to stay at home, we are providing a few instructional videos on specific behaviors as well as video training.

Kitsap county bans sale of pets from large-scale breeders

The business, Farmland Pets and Feed in Silverdale, would lose its sale of puppies per year. News Kitsap County Commissioners passed an ordinance Monday banning the sale of pets from large-scale commercial breeders. Monroe said the move will force him into retirement. The issue was raised when sal raised concerns about the welfare of retail animals sold in Kitsap, said Jennifer Cannon, a county policy analyst, in a presentation to the commissioners.

Visit our How fo Adopt to learn more.

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He said Farmland has over tropical fish aquariums, and the store may add more to offset the loss of revenue from puppy sales. If something is wrong with the dog, Munro said the store will pay the vet bills to have the issue resolved. Entry to the shelter is no longer permitted for general puppeis viewing. Commercial facilities could still sell or show a dog or cat from an animal welfare organization. Kittens sold on site are bought form local families, before they are vaccinated, deloused and groomed, Munro said.