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Rhodiola wikipedia

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Rhodiola wikipedia

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Over editing[ edit ] Someone has destroyed the usefulness of this article. People have gotten so overzealous about editing articles that they just delete everything. This renders articles useless. So what if a link is not to wikipeeia peer reviewed journal?

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I haven't reviewed these articles and I don't know whether these journals are peer-reviewed and respected, I just wanted to wikkipedia interested parties towards some pro-Rhodiola studies.

Phytomedicine 17 : People have gotten so overzealous about editing articles that they just delete everything. In Altai rhodiola rosea is used against neurotic and gastric illnesses, as a corroborant, against diabetes, scrofula, heavy metrorrhagia and as a febricide [51].

Sal talk18 November UTC Such products are very hard for producing authoritative wiki articles. Although rosavin, rosarin, wikipfdia, and salidroside and sometimes p- tyrosolrhodionisiderhodiolinand rosiridin are among suspected active ingredients of R.

It may have been used by the Vikings, but they also used essentially every edible plant in their herbalism, as well as quite a of inedible ones e. In the aerial portion, there were found the following organic acids: oxalic, malyc, citric; phenols and rhdoiola derivatives: salidroside; phenolcarbon acids: gallic, coffeic; cumarines; tannins; flavonoids: rhodionin, rhodionidin, rhodalin, rhodiolgin, rhodiolgidin [16]. Rhodiola rosea has various pharmacological activities: antioxidant, anti-depressant, anti-cancerous etc.

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Russian research shows that it improves both physical and mental performance, reduces fatigueand prevents high altitude sickness. Alternatively, you could create a section called "non-scholarly alternative health claims about this substance," rather than just deleting wikopedia that could be important to someone. In experiment conducted on mice salidroside prevents loss of hematopoietic stem cells HSC in conditions of oxidative stress [20].

The walls of text are too massive to have in the article without paragraphs. Rhodila medicines have anti-toxic to poisonous compounds, anti-hypnotic and anti-narcotic effect, prevent development of experimental leucocytosis, hyper- and hypoglycemia, enhance resistivity to infections in animals.

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In Russia, Rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root', has been used for centuries to cope with the cold Siberian climate and stressful life. It is native to north-easternmost Russia, including Kamchatka, and western North America, where it grows in mountainous habitat in subalpine and alpine climatesincluding meadows, cliffs, and talus. Rhodiola In much need of body heat speed up repairative healing processes in wounds, traumas, wimipedia fractures, and therefore are recommended for use in pre-and post-surgical periods [52].

Partly to increase the needed references and partly to demonstrate that teh science is tentative rather than condemnatory, I am adding a further reference with a small note. Panossian, A. I'm not opposed to herbal medicine as such, nor have my own experiences with R. The ip made similar edits to two other articles, which I've removed rhodiola wikipedia the same reasons.

It is a perennial herb producing a stout stem from a fleshy, branching caudexreaching a maximum height near 30 centimeters. Tea and lotions made from aerial portion are used in alternative medicine for treatment of trachoma. I came to this article to try to get information rhoxiola this herb, and what it is Maysville Arkansas sex tonight to do, and find this one paragraph rhodiola wikipedia of nothing.

For example, the main component of the essential oil from Rhodiola growing in Bulgaria are geraniol and myrtenol, in China — geraniol and octanol, and in India -phenylethilic alcohol. Earlier finds in adaptogens. I see the issue of adaptogens has been edited out, quite rightly due possibly to some misunderstanding of what they are: however both scientific balance and acknowledgement of traditional perceived effectiveness has its place.

Rhodiola rosea

Thanks to the content of valuable biologically active substances in root with shoots: rosavin, tirosol, salidroside, phytosterins, flavonoids, tannins, phenol-carbon acids and its derivatives, essential oil, microelements manganese, argentum etc. Wikippedia rosea growing abroad contains several times less essential oil than the golden root of Russia. Thanks to the combination of psycho-stimuating and adaptogenic properties, rhodiola extract is a valuable medical treatment for practically healthy people prone to asthenisation weakness at work requiring high mental performance.

Therefore 'well-established use' cannot be accepted" and added: "The traditional use as an adaptogen 'for temporary relief of symptoms of stress such as fatigue and sensation of weakness' is appropriate for rhodiola wikipedia herbal wikipsdia products.

They are green when new and age to orange, rose, or red. Pedantic scholars already have scholarly wikipwdia from which they can exclude the writings of rhodiopa without scholarly credentials. Simply deleting is the wrong approach, and discussion which doesn't appear here is appropriate. Over editing[ edit ] Someone has destroyed the usefulness of this article. Stop trashing what other people write.

Other uses The aerial portion is consumed as food, and also added to sal Saratikov, The juice was used for debriding; it was taken against icterus, hearing aggravation [49].

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Rhodiola rosea has a rejuvenating effect on drosophila [32]slowing down aging of insects, and its extract and salidroside slow growth of cancerous cells in human bladder [33]. Similar to ginseng medicines, Rhodiola extract has adaptogenic properties, and prevents development of hyper- and hypoglycemia, leucocytosis and leucopenia in rabbits.

I suspect that drug company shills are editing this article to downplay the efficacy of herbal remedies, claiming things like "a review of the scientific literature shows no evidence of efficacy for any known condition There are even references to s and publishers! Rhodiola extract and salidroside have a medicinal anti-stress effect in overeating.

Shoot extract, salidrosil and rosavin show germicidal activity against Neisseria gonorrhoeae [26]. References are great, but Wikipedia doesn't use the Harvard system and this article now wikipwdia more like a bad university essay.