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Smelly celebrities

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Smelly celebrities

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But it gets weirder—according to Aguilera's childhood friends, she smells like hot dogs! Apparently he doesn't like to waste water showering, so he only does so once or twice a week.

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Not only does she eat clay, but she also eats Chinese dirt supplements and covers her body with essential oils that are apparently rather pungent.

What these celebrities smell like – according to people who’ve met them

You read celebriites right — cat litter! Oprah One of those people has been Tina Fey, who just had to give Oprah a good whiff. Prince Yes, those who knew Prince have noted that they could always smell the musician before they could see him because the lavender smell was so strong. That stale funk of cigarette smoke clings to his unwashed body for a smell that is unparalleled in its ick factor according to costars, reporters, and crew members smelly celebrities film sets.

In an effort to help the environment, A-list actress Julia Roberts frequently goes days without showering in an effort to conserve water.

From cigarettes to baby wipes, see what your fave celebs' unique, quirky scents are like. Well, the woman has been photographed exiting public bathrooms sans shoes or socks, so really, what else did we expect?

As you do. Speaking on BBC Radio 1, Kesha proudly stated that she smells like a hobo, despite her claim that she showers up to four times a day.

He smells, you know, like Ivory soap, and I would sniff him, you know, anytime. However, that now changes with her mood, and she flits between the likes of orange blossom and ylang ylang. Khloe and Scott Disick eventually told her how bad she smelled in a smellh and Kim take Miami' episode.

Oh, and no deodorant, like many other stars on this list. What's next, sharing toothbrushes?

Hailey bieber smells "flowery and fruity," according to her husband, justin bieber.

Well, she did grow up on a Christmas tree farm. In fact, this Hollywood heartthrob has racked up countless fans around the world celebirties but have you ever wondered what he smells like?

Ezra Miller GQ was able to do just that, and the writer in charge of celebrties a feature was able to get a whiff of him. In addition to her rare showers, Julia stays with the hippie life by abstaining from deodorant, a personal tidbit she shared with Oprah.

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In addition to her grosser-than-average oral hygiene, Jessica has also been pretty outspoken about her active farting habits. Moreover, because of this, the kissing scenes would be shot using a body double.

Um, I guess that makes sense? Sure, Jess, we believe you. Queen Elizabeth Celwbrities When Sting was in the presence of the Queen, he made sure to give her a good whiff, and it was from this nose exercise that he smelled a distinct hint of roses. Post Malone Source: Getty There are at least a few thre on reddit with people speculating on what the heavily tattooed rap artist smells like.

What is that smell? 21 celebrities with terrible personal hygiene

Jennifer Lawrence has been lucky enough to smell this heartthrob in recent years, and she has confirmed that he smells just like sandalwood. But would you love the smell of her? The result?

The only catch? Who would have thought it?

Here’s what 21 celebs smell like, according to people who’ve basked in their presence

All Liv wears on a regular basis is C. Those who have met Gaga in the flesh have noted that she smells like all kinds of things rolled into one, including a vanilla scent, the stench of cigarettes, and even coconuts. In fact, her husband, Jionni LaValle, would constantly tease her about it. Yes, just like birds do. McConaughey said he doesn't like to smell like something or someone else.

Robert pattinson said he's been told that that he smells like a crayon.

Travis Scott In this segment, the cosmetics queen noted that her then-boyfriend smelled like fresh cologne and soap, considering he showers every single day. It got so bad that she forced Johnny to chug mouthwash and pop multiple pints before she would even get near him.

Back during the filming of the Twilight series, Rob was known for his infrequent showering and hair-washing. So, Snooki smells like kitty litter and stank breath. On a movie set, Kate brought Matthew a salt rock, which acts as a natural deodorant, and begged him to put it on, but he still refused. Prince Source: Getty Image The late musician's smell was so iconic, people who knew him said they could always smell him coming.

Celrbrities a few years have passed since someone really smelled her, David Letterman had that chance in Additionally, Kesha has publicly declared that she drinks her own urine, because she was told it was a healthy thing to do. When he gets lazy, he likes to clean himself with baby wipes! Kanye West Although this man could afford any cologne that money can buy, it seems as though Kanye prefers his own natural musk instead — which actually happens to smell just like money!

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Not showering? Despite their slew of awards, money, and fame, these 15 celebrities are notorious for their carelessness when it comes to personal upkeep and celebritiess hygiene.

You may need to perform onstage. They also hinted towards the fact that they let Jennifer know this little tidbit about herself.

Apparently he doesn't like to waste water showering, so he only does so once or twice a week. Because when not one but two costars say your mouth smells rancid, you might want to take the hint!