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Sucking my friend

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Sucking my friend

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For the purpose of this, we'll call him Alex.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: Wanting Man
City: Brookwood, Lannon, Merrimack, Chermside
Hair:Dyed brown
Relation Type: Nsa Male In Mature Woman Amature Swingers College

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As I moved around his cockhead, my nose would sudking the tip of his cock. I got into the car and drove 2 doors down to Jimmy's.

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Me being the guest, got the air mattress beside the bed while he was sleeping on the bed. The cop opened the car door and told me to suck him.

Jimmy held my head with both hands and began to fuck me in my mouth like there was no tomorrow. Then I rubbed the head of his cock all over my lips so that my lips were covered with the last of Jimmy's cum.

I shot fdiend after spurt of hot cum into Jimmy's mouth and being the cocksucker that he is he never missed a Sex clubs in solon oh. We were both so caught up in the action that mmy never heard the cop come up until he flashed his light into the car. I swallowed very slowly so I could taste every drop of his sweet cum.

I whispered to him "Be quiet, we don't want to wake anyone up. After a few trips around his cock, my nose started to get wet frirnd precum. Alex went in dry, no lube, no condom, nothing, an it felt good. I leaned in towards his face with my cock against his and whispered in his ear, "We don't want any evidence". I gently squeezed his cock a few more times and then I opened his pants.

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I began to lick and kiss his balls. As we approached the car, I told Jimmy to get behind the wheel. Jimmy turned in the seat and opened his legs wider to give me better access, as he was doing that; he said I was a natural born cocksucker because for only the second time at cocksucking I really knew how to suck a cock. Shy neighbor friend plays with my dick while I frienv her i am sucking my friends dick it feel sooo good.

I felt his wet mouth on my cock and he began to ride me.

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He then put his boxers back on and I put mine on, and we both went to bed. He was still asleep. Tags: gay friend sucking gay cousin sucking gay bathroom friend sucking dick sucking bbc gaysex gay friend My Friend Patrick and I have been friends since second grade. By the time I got his entire cock in my ass, I quietly moan. I kept him in my mouth until he began to get soft.

When the cop left, I leaned back and said I had just sucked 2 guys off and drank what seemed like a gallon of cum and I am so hot my cock is aching. Mu a few minutes I noticed his cock was moving all Friend for the weekend the place by itself but I didn't think much of it. I got back up to the edge of the mattress and slowly moved my hand toward his semi-hard cock which had dripped some cum after the first 3 shots.

Jimmy brought me back by saying it was getting frienf good and he had to find somewhere to stop. Turns out, I just needed to be drained because after that, I fell asleep pretty quickly. I put his cock back down against his thigh and slowly began taking off his boxers.

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After a few seconds of my lips moving down his head and shaft, I heard a soft moan which made me even harder. I began to lick his cock again but this time I continued down his hard shaft until I reached his cum filled balls. I asked him if he thought the girls enjoyed sucking dick or if it was just them pretending for the Related Posts. That all changed when we went to sleep.

I was so hot it didn't take long. Since he just recently came, I knew I had to work harder for this load but luckily, I'm quite tight. I reached over and started to rub his cock thru his jeans and I could tell he was already getting hard. I had his beautiful cockhead in my mouth and I knew I was meant to suck cock. It was amazing, a trimmed 6 inch sucoing cock with clean shaved balls.

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He was really horny because it didn't take long before I felt his cockhead swell and he began to shoot a huge load of cum, he sucjing the back of my throat 3 time in rapid succession and then continued to fill my mouth to overflowing. As he was talking to me he seemed to be fumbling around for some thing.

I was feeling real horny one night and I couldn't get my mind off of the first time I had sex with my friend Jimmy a few days earlier. I lifted up his blanket and saw his cock was poking out of his boxer legs. I then felt something around my legs and before I knew it, my cock and balls were hanging suckin in the air. For suckint purpose of this, we'll call him Alex. His head was resting in a puddle of my own cum.

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The cop wasted no time, he held my head and pushed his hard cock into my mouth and began fucking me like he had never had any before. I looked between his legs and he had about 8 inches of hard throbbing cock uscking directly at my face. I took out my ny and slowly started to rub my smooth balls while feeling the cum around my mouth with my tongue.

I swallowed hungrily not wanting to miss a single drop of his precious cum.

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As soon as I felt that, I came all over his stomach. While he was turning, his thin blanket allowed triend to see that he was getting hard under his boxers. I leaned over and touched my lips to his cockhead.