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Things only guys understand

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Things only guys understand

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Viber People gusy guys have it all easy in life! Life is a cake walk for men, some say. We say being a guy is not all hunky-dory as it looks. There are those annoying things you have to get used to and have to accept as part of being born a guy.

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Because majority of us guys would call it a miracle if we can hold it for more than the World average of two and half minutes and enjoy a prolonged orgasm. What the shit! We all need something that we love to do. Shoes just complete the entire look. And then we are called yucky for being, well, us!

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But the funny thing is we have gotten so used to them; it comes naturally to us this discomfort! For years and years. Pursue a woman intensely and then drop her when they get her.

Telling our girlfriends helps us realize small details and helps us really look at the big picture. You can never wear chinos. I really think most women fail to realize the effect it has when you have an OKCupid for like 2 years and never once getting a message.

22 problems only men will understand

Women will keep track of that, especially if someone owes money. Oh wait, we finished two bottles. Because it lnly nice, and being comfortable is a must. Blue Balls: Pretty sure that many of us have experienced the Blue Ball effect at some point in life. The embarrassment of being caught checking someone out.

Some lotion? We know that there is more to the story, and curiosity gets the best of us.

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Guys, you understood right? How women can remember who pays for what.

This is a great money-management skill, honestly. Because throughout the day it feels like your boobs are being trapped and confined.

8 annoying things that only men can relate to

Our whole existence will be at risk if something happens to our ballsacks. Each type gives off a certain layer and a certain look. By Anna Breslaw Apr 3, 1.

Getting hair in all unrerstand wrong places. Many gorgeous men spend their entire lives without ever being complimented once by anyone other than their mother. Yet men look completely different before and after the cut.

How many times have you had to hurriedly cover up your boner because it deemed it the right moment to rear up? Wanting to skip foreplay.

2. girls going to the bathroom together.

Why girls fall in love with romantic sappy stuff. But after all that, you can finally let them breathe. You have offices. The wait gets to the old boy and he sulks and decides to limp out.

Not caring how they look when they go to nice things. We know her as that handjob-hawking lame-o on The Client List.

Why we love them. Friends, brothers, guys with big dicks, this is for you Taking the lead: Another thing that we men are expected to do because we are men is taking the lead! The fear of somehow getting kicked in the nards.

Do comment and we will include them as well. Wearing briefs. How a girl can stand to go shopping for an entire day.