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Wake up ecards

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Wake up ecards

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Have you considered a birthday ecard? These days, so many people wake up, roll over, and check their phones. Notifications flood in asking them to respond, schedule meetings, and take on new tasks.

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This is made possible with our innovative e-card and donation system.

Your charity registration 2. After the first step of creating a basic username and password, you can then complete our charity registration form. Yes, if your chosen charity has activated our Gift Aid feature.

Tracking Delivery How can I see the status of my e-card delivery? Donations are made by credit card or with your PayPal.

Birthday ecards

If you'd like to cancel an e-card that you have scheduled, you can do so in your. Just want a single ecard? What charities can I give to? We think so and so do many other users since we built the system based on feedback.

Wake up sleepy head.

When composing your e-card you can choose to schedule in advance rather than send right away. Show that you care and want to send a special message with a personalized birthday ecard. It can be incredibly overwhelming, especially on their birthday! We provide sizing, file format, and instructions for you in your charity resources section.

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How much can I give? Do you have an version? When are my e-cards delivered after I click send? Go to Your Orders and click on the E-Card Report button below the order, and you can cancel the card.

Most popular birthday e-cards right now:

Want something that is geared toward an older crowd? Does not sending cards save the environment? Notifications flood in asking them to respond, schedule meetings, and take on new tasks. What do you stand for as an organisation? Some people even enjoy extending their celebration a bit longer when belated greetings unexpectedly arrive in their inbox.

So we built it! You can read our case study of the custom work for Shelter on our blog. Can my company send corporate Christmas e-cards?

How do I know that the donation was processed? Waoe will need: 1. Each category has a great selection of related ecards so that you can further refine your search.

Luckily, we have a range of ecard that will make finding the best ecard a snap! Is data transmitted securely? Can I cancel my scheduled cards?

We automatically you and the charity upon successful payment. Opened means success your e-card was opened in the recipients mailbox.

Want to continue sending ecards all month, or even all year? Compose your e-card and message 3. Ecards make celebrating a special event easy. We have plans for ecsrds that will ensure you get access to the premium ecard sending experience for as long as you would like!

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If you have active corporate partnerships we can provide waie information. View version features. All payments are processed through PayPal, but you have the option to pay by credit card if you do not have a PayPal. Why do people do this?

Romantic visual to express how special he/ she is to you.

Your e-card orders are saved. Will you keep my credit card details on file? As payments are processed through PayPal, no record of your credit card is kept by our company. When you compose your e-card you can include a typed personal message that the recipient will get with the e-card detailing that you have donated.