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Weed and love

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Weed and love

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A man hugging his weedvia cannabisculture. Well, both either make you feel comfortable or earth-shatteringly anxious. Sometimes, mood dependent, they make you pretty horny. But apparently they could have the ability to make you bond with people. Like make real connections maaaan. Praise be, stoners.

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I prefer not being stoned with him, anyway. Meetup is another great source through which to find local dating events in your area. We would stop talking because of it, then after a week we get together again and my concerns about the relationship would be put on the back burner. I've been in flings where both my partner and I have both smoked and it's nice—but we also both spend our money on weed and bongs, and we're always late and stoned.

And, most importantly, live nothing compares to smoking a t in bed while cuddling after a really awesome stoned bang.

Maybe some of them will help other people in similar situations. This may add much needed weight to the decriminalisation argument. Sarah September 5, I have a 7 month old daughter with my partner. It felt great to be in the company of someone Lve could trust and talk openly with, on any subject at all.

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You can simply relax enough to enjoy pure happiness together. I am the sober partner, who has also smoked weed when my high partner and I went through hell on earth. The information on our website and any other communication regarding legality which you may receive from any representative of CCC is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

April and I are both sex workers—in addition to the freelancing I do as a writer and dog walker, and April's nine-to-five—so our down time is crucial for us. I was dating a pot smoker on and off for 10 years.

Smoking or eating edibles helps us decompress faster than just riding out our nerves. My girlfriend, for example, has been anxiously waiting to find out if her wnd application is approved and my way of showing that I'm sensitive to her stress is by a rolling up a t. It was really hard for him to quit.

To all of our patients

And write about it, too. And that might just make both of you a lot happier and better to be around. My girlfriend, April, definitely smokes more often after being with me.

My boyfriend and I now are really lucky that we both have pretty similar weed habits and comfort levels. If one of us is smoking, be it a t or a cigarette, the other will inevitably share it, regardless if we wanted to smoke. So if finishing is a priority, inhaling might be too.

Consult with a physician before use, especially if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. There's a lot of overlap in our fields so we spend a fair amount of time being serious with each other, so it's fun to smoke weed and just giggle about dumb stuff and say dumb things together.

The ‘love hormone’ and weed both make you bond with others

That hurt. And giving up weed for a partner is never an easy decision. The most noticeable con is that we enable one another to smoke incessantly.

But April is happy that I smoke because it's hard for both of us when I'm anxious or on the verge of a panic attack. Especially when you loved them with all your heart.

Weed has more to do with your love life than you think

I can attest, weed has made me withdraw from my non smoking friends. Felt like I have written this.

I love having a partner I can smoke with. Like make real connections maaaan. From what I can see, is pretty well off.

Share your wed below! He would forget things, He would blow off meetings we would agree on. We asked some stoners to detail how weed has factored into their relationships—and break-ups. So right when I met him, he had probably not been smoking for a little under a year. If she can do it and continue smoking, then rad.

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She started getting brutal hangovers even if she had a single glass of wine, and alcohol would make her break out in a light rash. Lovr would act really irritable with me and we would get into fights when I brought up concerns about the relationship. As a result, we often smoke way too much on any given night, which then le to bad choices like staying up super late, eating super late, and then sleeping in super late together if we don't have somewhere to be in the morning.

Is smoking marijuana a fun first date?