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Wife massage sex stories

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Wife massage sex stories

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Search Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

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I promised. He saw a Wife wants nsa McVille pussy for the first time, which was recently waxed, and completely bald. We got to talking about my wife Lisa because he ask me how I got such a young wife. He immediately started with her tits, oiling them and holding them from sides to bring both tits toward her chest and letting them fall back again during the tit massage.

She was naked. They were all drunk or close to it.

She went inside the washroom and after 5 mins came out wearing a towel with bra and panty inside. There were red scratches on the tits wkfe if were pressed with force, the nipples were hard and tight. I think another woman arranged it, but it was at our house, and I was ordered to leave the house and not come back until midnight.

Wow what a site it was, I loved this view of my wife raising her buttocks and letting the fingers of a stranger go inside and feel her wetness. As I was approaching I saw a couple walking around.

He gently folded her panty back to reveal half of her ass. He did just that and she jumped and said Mike I am sorry and he said Lisa you can touch me any time. Many dishes were placed on a side of the restaurant for buffet Breakfast.

Massage part 2

I did the same of course. Not strictly true, but….

He then said man I bet it would be fun to massage that body. She was staring at the cock like a hungry slut.

My wife's first massage from a male masseur

I was also staring at his boxers from time to time and saw that he was developing a hard on. I opened the door and entered to see that my wife was lying naked on her back with ssx apart, the pussy was red and swollen. He kept the white sauce near my wife and told her that he has prepared the sauce specially for her and that she should dip the sausages in that sauce, lick it before she chews it.

I said iwfe to Karan and he left…. Can you please prepare them for me. Can you please help.

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My entire body is aching. I guess nassage liked being the center of attention or felt my arrival stopped the flow of tips into his g-string or something.

I again returned after an hour not sure of the condition in my room. We finished our breakfast and came back to our storids.

Wife’s private home massage “plus”

I knew something exciting is gonna come. I silently, was observing all this.

I could not say anything and left the room leaving them on their own. This was too much for me and Sife put off my cloths until I was left with my slip.

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By now Karan had finished massaging her stomach and was digging his fingers inside her panty. He was wearing white shirt and pajamas to give an authentic feeling of a masseur. I started fingering her clit with my other hand. Spread the love. Mike said oh my goodness how does she look so young.

Karan kept on massaging around and then slowly poured some oil on her chest and allowed it to roll down till her bra. Karan continued her fingering. I coolly said that I would be Ok with the Buffet menu and the sausages ordered by my wife.

He told my wife to change into a towel. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. I told her that they have agreed to send a masseur as they only have guys this time. I wanted to let a guy touch her and see her reactions… and the most tsories way was to convince her was for a massage as she usually goes for massage at the city spa. But here I can clearly see that she was loving the feel of his fingers near her wetzone.

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I was feeling good by her movements. He asked my wife if she was comfortable and enjoying the massage. The hot water helped her a bit to ease her muscles and body. Then he started to rub her large soft ass cheeks while her small string was still on.