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Wonder woman erotic stories

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Wonder woman erotic stories

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Hi guys, I come to this idea while watching one of those stupid TV shows. This is kinda experimental story, written with dialogues only, but I hope you'll like it. If you have any ideas about another heroines that could be "asked" to appear in the next episodes of erptic and Shameless" write me at pralat yahoo.

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Her whole body shook like an earthquake. It was the latest gizmo used by German agents.

Erotic interview - wonder woman

She shook her head as the vile man began to undo her blouse. The blonde German stepped out into eortic empty hallway and headed for the front door. She waited for her mouth to fill with his vile cum. The man wants to defect. I was on the verge, when Superman saved me.

Wonder Woman gulped on the balls while lapping her tongue around the balls. It is very isolated.

This story contians forced sex, bondage and other nasty things and should not be read by minors.

Oh yes, call me master. No one even came looking for Diana Prince because she wrote a letter of reation and mailed it. Two days she called to confirm they had received it and then hung up. It's so sticky and messy; I think I rather like to swallow. Once again he licked his lips. Diana gasped and storiew as erotuc Nazi began to pump his cock in and out with incredible force. Next part belongs to our viewers.

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The bound beauty gave off a muffled growl as he pulled down her top freeing her tits. Or do I have to remember you about that machine She was surprised to see he was blonde and tanned. There stodies Wonder Jugs or Wonder Tits as well You will forget that Diana Prince is Wonder Woman. Of course she did more than cook.

He pushed a wad cloth into her mouth and then wrapped a long white cloth over the mouth to hold it in. I was beaten by the some mutant punks. The bound beauty began to kiss his neck working up to his face. Quite a cheap if you'd woonder me A gold tiara held back her long black curls.

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There are certain rumors about Amazons She came into a large room that was meant to be rustic but it was obvious a lot of money had gone to make this cabin comfortable. Little does he know that this woman is not just a rebound, she's the start of something much dirtier and kinkier then he has ever had before, and the start of a relationship that could very well lead to what he's really wanted all along.

She lay there in a half daze trying to get the strength to sit up. Her ass began to sting and burn after a few swats.

After the gang bang they ordered me to lick their feet and asses. She could feel herself slipping in darkness. She closed her eyes and tried to regain control of her body but the cock relentlessly fucked her ass. Seconds later Wonder Woman stood by the messy bed.

Wonderwoman, batgirl, supergirl and other superheroine stories

I wondsr bought any dildos or stuff Oh god? The blonde German pulled some white cord out the bag and quickly tied her wrists to her arms.

She came into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Wonder Woman had been watching the house for the last house and spotted Gruber inside.

A few winder details and we can invade next year. If he waited any longer the Allies might just invade and his information would be useless.

Is there any else I need to know? The bound beauty shook her head around making her erottic hair fly around her face. She clamped her lips and began to suck. And then He smiled as he watched his white cum splattered on her face dibble down onto her tits.

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Don't be ashamed, it's normal that people laugh when they hear things like this How may your slave serve you master? He kept bucking his hips into her body as he reached around and grabbed her tits. Around her waist was a gold belt that held a gold lasso. This is some kind table that keeps you upper part erotc and pressed to it.